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Frequency of Learning, LLC is a community-oriented behavior and learning-assistance network, addressing youth attitude and retention with the calm and mathematical frequency of music.  Music based on the natural tone A=432hz is proven to  strengthen the auditory, visual-spatial, and motor areas of the child brain.  These areas are important to speech and language, reading comprehension, math, and brain organization.   Scientific research shows that children and teenagers listening to music in this calming vibration have better attentive skills and perform better on standardized test.  Listening to 432hz music tuning changes the way the brain processes information and helps us absorb, retain, and retrieve information better.



Frequency of Learning specializes in provided quality musical Vibe Suites for all levels of classrooms and learning environments, elementary to colleges.  The “Calm Zone” offers 7 relaxing music suites: Classical Melody, Relaxing Guitar, Harp & Flute, Native Drums & Spirit, Deep Zen Garden, Jazz N Blues, and Easy Flow… and many fun learning activities and brain-development games!  It’s as simple as accessing Frequencyoflearning.com, click our Calm Zone tab, and entering your password!

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ENROLL now in our relaxing Calm Zone and savor the atmosphere in your learning and work environment!


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